The Middlesex Probate and Family Court Conciliation Program was developed to assist the court in handling its caseload of over twenty six thousand cases.  The Conciliation Program utilizes approximately fifty Middlesex County Bar Association member attorneys who practice in Middlesex County who donate their time, pro bono, to this program. Attorney Kristin Bullwinkel, Christopher Worthy, and Kathryn Yates of Bullwinkel & Brooks are seasoned attorneys involved in the Conciliation Program.  MCBA conciliators have applied their experience and creativity to bring about efficient and equitable solutions in hundreds of cases to date.  Approximately 60 – 70 % of conciliations result in a settlement which ends the litigation process.  It is offered at the Pre Trial Conference to litigants, there are no income eligibility guidelines associated with this program, and pro se litigants as well as litigants with counsel are eligible to participate at no cost.

          The conciliator meets with the parties and/or counsel in an attempt to resolve the outstanding issues and potentially settle the case. Typically conciliations run for two or more hours.  Following a conciliation, the conciliator drafts a conciliation report which is filed with the Court and the MCBA. The parties also complete and return an evaluation questionnaire to provide feedback on the program. The goal of conciliation is to involve a third party to mediate and help the parties come to an agreement. 

          If you would like to discuss your present circumstances or learn whether conciliation is right for your unique situation, please call or email us and arrange for a free consultation with one of our domestic relations attorneys.