​           By creating these advanced health care directives and putting them in writing you decide what level of care you want, and what you do not want, and what specific situations your decisions apply to.  Your living will can address many different situations and will help your family make the right decisions in your time of need. 

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          Many of us are familiar with the story of Terri Schiavo, the woman who spent approximately seven years in a persistent vegetative state following complications from an unexpected cardio-respiratory arrest.  Terri did not have any advanced health care directives in place at the time of her illness and as a result her husband and her family fought for control over the decision making powers for seven years.  Eventually, a court reached a decision to remove Terri from life support.  Terri succumbed to her injuries about two weeks after the decision to remove her from life support was carried out.

          Advanced health care directives, more commonly referred to as a “Living Will” can help you avoid these costly, time consuming problems by clearly stating what your wishes are with respect to extraordinary life support, care and comfort.​​