Understandably, when facing the prospect of a divorce or other legal issue, you may be overwhelmed with the process and the court system, or nervous that things are going to “turn ugly” when you know that is not necessary.  With the use of our mediation services at Bullwinkel & Brooks, you and your spouse can work through the complex aspects of a divorce, including child custody, property division, alimony, and other areas in a cooperative and mutually beneficial manner.  Mediation is a powerful tool which can be utilized to resolve disputes without entering into a timely and costly court battle.  You may choose to utilize mediation to avoid the stress and financial burden of litigation, but it also affords you autonomy and the ability to craft your own terms of your separation agreement as opposed to living with a court ordered decree, parts of which both of you may be dissatisfied.  

          At Bullwinkel & Brooks, partner Kristin Bullwinkel has over 16 years of experience practicing family law and is a certified family law mediator.  Her experience as an attorney is extremely beneficial because she understands the legal issues you and your spouse face and you can be confident your questions and concerns will be answered with her vast knowledge and experience.  Even if you and your spouse have had problems communicating in the past, mediation may still be a viable option as one purpose of the mediator is to help you see each other’s points, offer advice, and assist you in coming to an agreement.

          If you would like to discuss your present circumstances, learn what your rights would be in your use of a mediator, of if you are curious as to how our mediation practice works, please call or email us and arrange for a free consultation with our certified mediator, Kristin Bullwinkel.