The relationship between parents can sometimes deteriorate to a point where they are unable to effectively communicate and make decisions regarding their children.  In such a case, a parenting coordinator can be very effective in encouraging communication and resolving the disputes.  Attorney Kristin Bullwinkel is a certified Parenting Coordinator and has over 16 years of experience in working in domestic relations with families working through difficult parenting arrangements.

          A parenting coordinator is a neutral third party who helps parents implement and successfully follow a parenting plan, and to resolve conflicts surrounding decisions regarding education, health care, therapy, extracurricular activities, and other similar joint decisions parents have to make.  For example, if there is a provision in an agreement that requires the parents to confer and come to a mutual agreement as to a counselor for a child and arrangements to pay for the counselor, but the parents are unable to do so, the question would be presented to a parenting coordinator.  After a comprehensive review of the case file and discussions and/or meetings with the parents and others involved in the case, a parenting coordinator may choose a counselor and recommend that the cost is split 50/50.  Usually, there is an agreement wherein the parties become obligated to follow the recommendations of the parenting coordinator, and if they do not, the violating party becomes responsible for the cost of using the parenting coordinator.  A parenting coordinator is a way to avoid frequent court appearances when there is high conflict between the parties having to do with the parenting plan.

          If you would like to discuss your present circumstances or learn whether a parenting coordinator is right for your unique situation, please call or email us and arrange for a free consultation with one of our domestic relations attorneys.