When the identity of the biological father of a child is in question, there are oftentimes complex legal ramifications.  Even though modern technology has made it as easy as ever to determine who a child’s father is, the related legal issues surrounding custody, visitation, support, health insurance, uninsured medical expenses, taxes and other issues can become complicated.  Regardless of which side of a paternity action you are on, the attorneys at Bullwinkel & Brooks are able to help. 

         Paternity is not as simple as being a biological father.  Being a biological father does not guarantee legal paternity, which carries with it rights and responsibilities that have long-lasting consequences for each parent and the child.  Similarly, the fact that a man is not the biological father does not guarantee that he will not be awarded legal paternity.

          There are multiple ways to establish paternity, including acknowledgement at the time of birth, being wed to the mother at the time of birth, and acknowledgement at a later date.  There is a time period during which a party can rescind acknowledgment, and after that period the acknowledgment is viewed as equivalent of a final judgment of the court.  The rules relating to establishing paternity and conversely rescinding paternity are very technical.  As soon as you become aware of any reason to establish paternity or any reason acknowledgment or judgment of paternity should be set aside, please contact us.

          If you would like to discuss your present circumstances, learn what your rights are as a mother or father in relation to the paternity of your child, or if you are seeking representation in a contemplated or pending paternity action, please call or email us and arrange for a free consultation with one of our domestic relations attorneys.